Apply to teach in China

Before you fill out following application form. Please make sure 

1. You are holding a BA degree

2. You are holding an ESL certificate, such as TEFL,TESOL and CELTA.

3. You have a clean criminal record.

4. You made a self-introduction video (30-60seconds)


*You can find more information about making the video here 

Format: +country code phone number; e.g. +44 7561587770
You need a Sype account for the interview.
Please make a video (30-60 seconds) to introduce yourself and upload here.
BA degree is required for teaching in China.
ESL certificate is required for teaching in China. If you don't have one, you can book a 120hours TEFL course on Groupon for around $40.
e.g. 2 years (the experience can be any type)
Please give a brief description of the duties you carried out in any previous teaching roles and provide details of the length of time you occupied the role.
Working in first-tier cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, means you may get higher salary but you will have to pay higher living costs. Working in second and third-tier cities, you may get free accommodation from your employers and living costs are much lower.
To obtain a Chinese working visa, you must provide evidence of a clean criminal record.
e.g. $30,000