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Online English teaching application form

The four steps of the application process

Step 1.Application Form: Please finish and submit the application form below. Using your information, we will match you to the most suitable jobs.

Step 2.Conversation: If you are shortlisted, you will recieve an email from Labby Education (ESL union) introducing one or more positions to you. Please choose the companies you would like to work for and inform us by email.

Step 3.Interview: We will arrange an interview for you and help you to prepare. Interviews usually include a section where you will teach a demo class.

Step 4.Onboarding and Getting Hired: Once you pass the interview, you will get an offer directly from the company you applied to. After completing their onboard training, you can begin your online teaching career with them!

(*Please add our Skype account live:labbyeducation. We are always available to help – even after working hours)

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e.g. I can do online teaching jobs every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 11am to 3pm UK time. (We are particularly keen to hear from candidates who can work weekends)
Format: add country code before your phone number; e.g. 447561587770
You may need a Skype account to do interview
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The photo may be used for creating your online teacher's account
e.g. 2 years (the experience can be any type)
Please give a brief description of the duties you carried out in any previous teaching roles and provide details of the length of time you occupied the role.
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Instructions for making the video can be found on the webpage above the application form. The video should be around 30 seconds in length and must include the following information: 1. Name Your role (English teacher); 2. A one sentence summary of your education/work background; 3. An enthusiastic message addressed to your potential students (e.g. “I’m really looking forward to speaking with you”)
e.g. 30 hours/week
e.g. £12/hour