Application process for online teaching companies

At ESL Union we are freeing teachers from the traditional classroom.

Are we saying that classroom teaching is an unrewarding job? Certainly not. But for many teachers, for a whole litany of reasons, teaching online is just more practical, more flexible, more satisfying, and even more financially rewarding.  

Are you ready to escape the 9 to 5 grind? Are you ready to become a global citizen of the online teaching cosmos? Are you ready to teach without walls, limits, or borders?

Great! Let’s learn how you can write the opening lines to your online teaching story.

Step 1: Apply

Your online teaching narrative starts with an application form. Apply with us now!


Step 2: Prepare

If you receive an invitation to attend an interview, you need to spend some time preparing. Almost all companies ask candidates to teach a demo class in the interview. You will be sent the teaching material beforehand. Read it once. Read it twice. Study it. Practice it. Practice it again. ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. Some companies will ask you use their online classroom software in the interview, in which case you will need to download it, install it, open it, and spend a couple of hours getting to grips with the tools and features. Other companies use a platform such as Zoom that allows you to share your screen with the interviewer and use PowerPoint to teach the material. 

Step 3: Interview

There are two main types of interview for online teaching jobs with Chinese companies. The first involves teaching a full (usually 25 minute) class. This style of online interview begins with a brief conversation about your skills, experience, and qualifications – typical interview fodder. Then, you switch your settings to teacher mode and teach the interviewer the material you have diligently studied and practiced over the last week or so. That’s right, you teach the interviewer. As if they were a student. That means correcting their grammar, their pronunciation, or even their behavior (if they stare off into space, you will need to regain their attention). Depending on the level of the teaching material you were sent, the interviewer may act like a child. This role play throws some people off, so be ready for it!

The second style of interview isn’t all that different. Indeed, the only difference is the length of the demo lesson part of the interview. You may only have to teach for 5-10 minutes. Some companies have decided that they can learn all they need to know about a teacher’s abilities after this brief demonstration. The rest of the interview will be a conversation with the recruiter about your teaching background.

Step 4: Onboarding

You’ve done the interview. You’ve been offered the job. Congrats! But don’t update your LinkedIn profile just yet. You still need to sign the contract and complete the onboard training. Some companies will make a conditional offer which is dependent on you completing their training program. Some will make an unconditional offer straight after the demo. Either way, you will have to send proof of your ESL certificate and passport, as well as your personal and banking details, before you sign the contract.


Step 5: Open your timetable slots

This is it! You’re in. Now you can make your availability known to your future students. Log in to the company’s teacher portal and open the time slots.

Enjoy your new career as online English teacher.

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