interview process


Step 1: Book an interview

Suitable candidates will recieve an email from iTutorGroup. Please follow all the instructions. You will be asked to fill in some information and then book an interview. One of Labby Education’s HR staff will be your interviewer, so please choose an interview time between 10AM-6PM, Monday to Friday UK time.

Step 2: Prepare for the interview

The interview will be around 15 minutes. It will include two parts.

The first part is answering some general questions. Here are a few example questions.

(Example questions)

The second part is doing a demo class that lasts around 10 mins. You need to choose a lesson from the following teaching materials. Please study the lesson material and deliver the class in the interview. Your interviewer will act like a student. You need to treat them as you would treat an actual student.

Click here to check demo teaching materials. Watch the following videos to get tips and have a look at real interviews. 

If you need more help, we can provide free 1 on 1 training through video call on Skype or WhatsApp. You can find our contact details here.  

iTutorGroup Interview Tips

How to succeed in your Interview

Record of a real Itutor Group Interview

Step 3: Attend the interview

Please use the account name and password that you have recieved from iTutorGroup to log in to their system 10 mins before the interview. You will find an icon that says ‘enter the session’. Click that then you will automatically enter the online classroom for the interview. Your interviewer will be in the classroom on time with you.

Essential things you need for the interview

You can only open the online classroom on Chrome Browser 

You must do the interview and future classes on a PC or Mac with webcam and microphone. A premium laptop would be the best choice. You CANNOT do the interview on a tablet or phone. 

If you pass the interview and want to start work you will need to posses three more items.

You must wear a red polo shirt for the real classes. We also suggest you to wear one during the interview. You need to have this ready for the onboarding process.

You need to set up an iTutorGroup background like like the person in the photo. 

You must wear a headset for real teaching, since this will improve the quality of your voice and create a professional image.