10 Easy Steps to Make the PERFECT
Self-Introduction Video

Most Chinese online teaching companies ask you to create a brief self-introduction video as part of your application. This gives recruiters a chance to evaluate the candidate’s presentational skills and screen presence. Remember that online teaching recruiters have watched thousands of these clips. If you can seize hold of a jaded recruiter’s attention, you are already halfway to victory. For many teachers, making a self-introduction video is their least favorite part of the entire application process. A thousand doubts and questions explode in the candidate’s mind. What should I say? How should I act? What should I wear? How long should my video be? Who will watch this? Am I being enthusiastic enough? Fear not: help is at hand! This blog post breaks down the self-intro video into 10 easy steps. Are you ready to crush it?

First, let’s look at 5 strategies that help you to show off your amazing communication and presentational skills.

1. Smile

2. Use props

3. Use body language

4. Speak slowly and clearly

5. Be enthusiastic

Now that you know what presentational skills recruiters are looking for, let’s consider the perfect content to include in your video.

6. Tell the viewer who you are

7. Briefly discuss your qualifications and experience

8. Make sure the background of the video is professional

9. Dress smart casual

10. Consider time management

An example 60s self-introduction video from Dr. Byron Heffer

An example 30s self-introduction video from teacher Athina