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iTutorGroup is a global edtech giant enabling learners around the world to enrich their education and deepen their understanding of countless subjects and topics. Founded in 1998, iTutorGroup stands out from other e-learning providers by using big data to drive efficiency and connect learners to the very best teaching consultantsOver 20,000 teaching consultants are accessible round the clock providing high-quality classes at any time. Valued at over $1 billion, iTutorGroup’s award-winning services have connected thousands of Chinese students to expert English teachers. 

Why join iTutorGroup?


At Labby Education we help iTutorGroup to recruit outstanding teachers. iTutorGroup pay higher wages than most other companies in the Chinese online teaching industry. Apply with us and you can earn $1,500-$2,000 on average for part-time teaching, you can earn rewarding bonuses if you always arrive to class on time and help your students to improve. As a recruitment agency, we at Labby Education have been in touch with some people who earn more than $3,000 per month working full time for iTutorGroup – which is an impressive amount in this industry.

Becoming an online English teacher with iTutor means you will work for one of the biggest companies in this industry with over 30,000 teachers. This experience will help you build your reputation in the online English teaching community. Future employers in this sector will be impressed to see iTutorGroup on your CV.

iTutorGroup have an award-winning and professional IT department who designed their innovative online teaching platform, which is fun and easy to use. Their pioneering use of big data analytics helps their teachers to progress as educators. Combining their professional training with big data analytics, iTutorGroup will empower you to reach your potential as a teaching professional. Welcome to the future of education. Join iTutorGroup with us today!

iTutorGroup's Brands

iTutorGroup has several different subsidiary brands for different kinds of online teaching, which means that once you join them, you can not only teach children and teenagers, but also adult learners looking to improve their English skills. As a qualified teacher with a positive attitude who performs well, you will never have to worry about getting enough bookings from students.

Essential requirements

As a really well-paid online English teaching position, iTutorGroup also ask their candidates to meet several requirements. Please make sure you meet all of the essential requirements before applying.

Native English speaker

iTutorGroup recently changed their hiring policy and now require their teachers to be native English speakers. Join iTutor to teach your native language now.

BA degree or higher

itutorGroup are looking for experts who are academically qualified and ready to inpsire the thought leaders of tomorrow. All graduates are welcome to join.

ESL certificate

iTutor's CEO Dr. Eric Yang recently pointed out that "not every native speaker is qualified to be an English teacher". Having an ESL certificate is essential.

Attitude and skills

Being enthusiastic and professional is essential to being a great online teacher. Having outstanding communication and presentional skills is also key.

Teaching experience

iTutorGroup want to retain their reputation for excellence. For this reason they only hire teachers with over one year of teaching experience.

Computer literate

You could be a great classroom teacher of English and still not be suited to teaching online. However fluent your English, computer illiteracy is a no-no.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about iTutor, you may find the answers from the FAQ page

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