NiceKid is one of China’s most famous online English-teaching companies providing one-on-two classes. They are the leading company utilizing the Online Partner Learning teaching method.

By adopting the Online Partner Learning teaching method, they have attracted excellent native-speaker English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. These teachers open a window for Chinese students to the wider English-speaking world.

NiceKid provides online lessons for Chinese learners aged 4-12 years old. Classes are arranged with no more than two students per teacher, allowing our instructors to pay great attention to each learner’s needs. With original teaching materials and interactive teaching tools, they not only help students improve their English but also connect them to a bigger, international world.

One teacher and two students mode

Stable class schedule and same students

Pay up to 25 dollors per hour and bonus


English accent

British, American, Canadian, Australian, Irish, Zelanian, South African


BA or above

Teaching experience

Minimum teaching experience

ESL certificate

or willing to have one ASAP

Available hours

12 hours a week at least

Internet speed

Upload and download speed
no less than 4Mbps



$14-$25 per hour,
pay monthly

Class size

One teacher and two students

Time table

Fixed time table

Booking system

Same students all the time

Clasee length

30 minutes each class

Students' age

Between 5-18 years old

Working hours


Teacher’s working hours with Nicekid will be fixed, which is 6:50 PM ‒ 9:05 PM China Standard Time (CST), Sun – Fri (Saturday off). Please make sure you are normally available during the time period before you apply the position.


15:55 PM – 18:10 PM China Standard Time (CST) on Sundays for reading courses (Booking System). Teachers can choose to open or close time slots.

nicekid's classes

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More about nicekid's classes

Nicekid specializes in 1v2 (1 teacher, 2 students) teaching. In 1v2 classes, two children have regular classes with the same teacher, and study together in groups to reduce the pressure of solo tuition, which also leads to collaborative learning. The CEO of Nicekid, Dai Renguang, has created an exciting curriculum which combines the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) teaching method with outstanding resources. These resources include more than 300 animations, 400 classroom games and activities, 17 different subject areas and tools for interdisciplinary language study. Nicekid’s bespoke course of study has 22 levels, from pre-1 to L20. The course integrates rich media and interactive activities such as songs, animation, games and role playing. Nicekid’s teachers teach phonics using various methods, from leading students in reading to peer correction and reading competitions.