Six things you need
to be a sucessful
online English teacher

Most online English teaching companies in China require their teachers to be native English speakers or to provide evidence of expert-level fluency (e.g. IELTS band 9). However, there are some companies out there that don’t have such strict requirements. If you want advice about finding the right company for you, please get in touch.

Almost all online English teaching companies in China now require their teachers to have an English teaching qualification (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA). If you want start work as an online teacher but don’t have an ESL qualification yet, please get in touch for advice about finding a fast and reasonably priced online ESL teaching course. 

Having a bachelor’s degree is another common requirement for teaching English online with Chinese companies, but there are several companies that do hire non-graduates. Most companies do not ask for graduates in specific subjects, although degrees in relevant areas are a plus. Equivalent qualifications are also acceptable. 

Having a fast, stable internet connection is an absolute must  (20Mb is a common requirement). Many companies will also run a speed test on your computer before inviting you to attend an interview. Most online teachers also invest in a headset and a decent webcam to make the audio and video clearer for their students.

Having a CV full of relevant teaching experience will certainly help you to land a higher-paid job as an online teacher. Online teaching companies value teaching experience in the classroom as well as online. But you can still find a great job without a background in teaching. We can advise you about finding the right teaching position. 

This may be the most important requirement of all. The challenge facing all online English teachers is to engage language learners using just a webcam and a headset. Having a positive, can-do attitude is essential to building trust and rapport with students. If you can make lessons fun, students will look forward to their time with you.