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Are you looking for a new adventure abroad? Do you want to give your career a boost? Do you want to earn more cash while doing a job you enjoy?

If you want to turn your English language skills into a lucrative career, teaching English in China could be a game-changing experience for you. You will earn a highly competitive salary while travelling around a breathtaking part of the world and meeting lots of new people. After you have taught English in an international setting, future employers will see that you can adapt to new environments and thrive when presented with a new challenge. As the Chinese economy continues its transformational growth, employers are increasingly looking for people with an understanding of Chinese culture. Given that you can learn while you earn, there is also no better way to get to grips with speaking Chinese.


As a foreign English teacher in China, you can expect to earn between £20.6K/$25K and £34.4K/$42K per annum. This salary level is much higher than the average salary for English teachers in other countries.

Low living costs

Almost all schools and institutions in China provide free accommodation or rent subsidies for foreign teachers. Meanwhile, the cost of transportation and food in China is half of most Western countries like the UK and US.

Top Benefits of
teaching in China


Be respected as an educator

In the traditional culture of China, teachers have always been well respected by the whole society. You will be treated as a true educator, not just a temporary teacher.

Travel around

During your spare time, you can travel around this ancient, diverse and beautiful country. Living in China also makes it easy to visit China’s 20 neighbouring countries, including popular destinations such as Japan, Korea and Thailand.

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ESL Union has a long-term cooperative relationship with many Chinese public schools, English training institutions and education companies. Just submit an application on our website, and we will choose the most suitable job for you according to your personal career goals or travel ambitions. We will find you a great position from among thousands of jobs in more than 100 Chinese cities. When you apply for a job, we will help you prepare for the interview, provide free training and provide free consultation and advice.When you get an offer and decide to teach in China, we will help you apply for a visa, provide airport pickup and help you settle down when you arrive in China.

Working in First-tier cities

China’s first-tier cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other famous cities. These cities usually have a population of more than 10 million people, convenient municipal facilities and transportation, a lot of modern buildings and many recreational activities. But this also means crowded public transport, higher housing costs and dietary costs.

China’s second and third tier cities are not towns in the traditional sense of European and American countries. These cities usually have a few million people and very modern municipal facilities. Working in this type of city, employers usually offer free accommodation or a large rent subsidies to you, and the cost of living is much lower than in first-tier cities.

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